Beyond Vegan Nutrition

Beyond Vegan is a nutritional and herbal program that follows the nutritional guide as initiated by Dr. Sebi and his research. Our Beyond Vegan practice has further refined the vegan diet and removed the most detrimental food items that are still part of a traditional vegan regimen. What Dr. Sebi discovered—and what we have seen proven, moreover—is that when we continue to eat these detrimental foods the body will become overrun with mucus and inflammation. When we remove these foods and supply the body with the proper nutrients, we see the body begin to rejuvenate itself in terms of:

  • Weight Loss 
  • Digestive Issues 
  • Blood Sugar 
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Chronic and Acute Conditions 

Beyond Vegan provides you with the herbal nutrition you need to begin the cleansing and rejuvenation process as well as offering meal prep services to make the lifestyle change an easy and enjoyable experience. You can view our meal prep options HERE